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Saturday, August 02, 2014

SIXTH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT - Strib endorses Sivarajah over Emmer.

This link.

Readers are encouraged to leave comments of other known endorsements between now and Aug. 12.

In part, Strib reasons:

[GOP] Primary voters on Aug. 12 will choose between two candidates whose positions on taxes, government size and spending, the Affordable Care Act, gun rights, abortion, regulations, and other key issues generally have been in line with Bachmann’s through their years of public service.

Tom Emmer, who has the Republican party’s endorsement, is a 53-year-old attorney, former gubernatorial candidate and former state legislator from Delano who has spent the past few years as a talk radio host.

Rhonda Sivarajah, 48, of Lino Lakes, is the current chairwoman of the Anoka County Board and a former candidate for lieutenant governor. She has served on the County Board since 2003. She previously worked for the county and was a small-business owner.

The difference between the two is less about policy than style. While Emmer’s voice is a familiar one for Minnesota voters, Sivarajah’s is fresher, more energetic and more welcoming. That, plus her strong and recent record of turning conservative principles into policy on the County Board, gives her an edge over her better-known opponent.

A closer look at the candidates’ campaign websites is illustrative. Emmer’s offers mostly feel-good messages about bringing Main Street to Washington, with videos featuring gauzy images of Emmer and flag-waving supporters in small-town settings. Policy details are scant, as they were in an Editorial Board interview.

Sivarajah’s website is a substantive contrast. “Here’s what I’ve done and here’s what I’ll do” is the theme.

[italics added] There is more, including follow-up to the last quoted sentence; and links in the above quote were omitted. Again, this link.

No further commentary here. Other than to note [GOP] was added at the beginning above, because those voting the DFL ballot column, especially the State Auditor race, will not be voting between Sivarajah and Emmer.

So - Read what Strib says, and why.

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