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Thursday, August 07, 2014

RAMSEY - learning curve

Better, yes. Stars are okay, but I'd have preferred happy faces.

Have the road signs been changed?

Kidding aside, this could have been an approach from the start, without the trademark question arising. It was not, this shows an acknowledgement, now it is appropriate to continue to election day.

(One interesting thing, drop the first and last letter in "WAYNE" and you have "AYN" as in Atlas Shrugged. I never noticed that before.)

Okay. On to the voting. That really is what matters.

In creating a web presence expressing opinions and information, and pointing out serendipity such as the WAYNE _AYN_ happenstance, something you can see right there on the above Facebook screen capture, one finds you can frustrate some of the people some of the time, (likely continuing that parallel to the Lincoln quote). I awake and take coffee to the workstation and find an email, "[...], this is where you lefties really don’t get [...] attempt to draw similarities shows that you don’t understand, or are just playing to your lefty readers."

Hurt feelings now. Hanging my head in shame. Vigilance calling me out. Understanding now the adage that eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty.

But, Hey, it was simply pointing out a happenstance is all; not claiming anything you could characterize via Venn diagram overlaps and such. (Besides, Wayne is terse, not wordy to a fault. No seven thousand page books and such.)

Liberty Republicans can be real sensitive to nuances and become impassioned over something wholly that innocent. Sorry about ruffling feathers. Never once, beyond pointing out a curious happenstance, have I, or would I, characterize Wayne Buchholz as anywhere near my understanding of what a Liberty Republican is. He is clearly of the theocratic Republican ilk. Having that agenda. Against norms and beliefs of the liberty Republicans. I understand that. Disclaimer finished.

Another reader pointed out that while the Buchholz facebook page was altered as shown above to remove trademarked government owned badging not available for individual political advantage; the Buchholz website remains unaltered.

That's sort of sloppy. It is this simple, in minutes with a free program available over the internet,, to correct the website too:


That was with no attempt to be particularly careful as if it were my own website. Just draw a circle, add noise and do a Gaussian blur and it is done. Mere minutes taken to transition the website header. Getting into layering one could replace the trademarked and statutorily protected insignia with stars, smiley faces, or whatever.

FURTHER UPDATE: Something of the flavor of Liberty Republican tendencies, here.

I guess the gulf between the two distant and apparently conflicting current GOP wings, theocrat Republicans and Liberty Republicans, can be captured by noting the former are concerned with being raptured, the latter with being captured. Judge now vs. judge not.

Not being in either camp, if one is to win and carry the day I prefer the latter. They stay out of instead of intruding into people's private lives and lifestyle choices and bedrooms.

Last thought, that greyed down shade of pink on the website really is a difficult color to match, but in quick time I did the best I could.

FURTHER UPDATE: This has to be said: The term "lefties" offends. It offends left-handed people, a minority that is discriminated against. Look at house doors, refrigerator doors, microwave doors, and how in grade school, in my day, handwriting slanting to the right was encouraged. My left hand still cramps even thinking how hard that was to master. Latin and French linguistics: right, leading to current words, dexterous and adroit, left: sinister, and gauche.

Give us a break.

___________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Website corrected also:

That in my mind, with further literature/signs used after the election corrected in due time if he goes on to the general election is an end to things in my mind. Others may object more. I make no official complaint anywhere, nor do I encourage it.

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