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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mark Dayton is against the market's invisible hand balancing supply and demand, as is the case, elsewhere.

This link. From the shadow of Mount Rainier. It is time for a true voicing of belief by all true believers in the market's immaculate management conception of supply demand forces, for the good of all if simply left unfettered to achieve equilibria all over everywhere. But Dayton's a Democrat, and not inclined to test unregulated market theories, so what's the word, Republicans? Agree with Ron/Rand, trust in liberty and the market, or why not? The demand side seems real, and the Reagan Repubicans are supply-siders, aren't they?

UPDATE: Yes, it is a slow loading page, but even so, isn't it better than mixing with street criminals, some armed and ready? More varieties than a wine shop. Taking questionable middlemen out and legalizing things - more bang for the buck?

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