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Sunday, August 31, 2014

I think it is time for several apologies. It appearing to be the season for apology.

It seems time for Ken Martin to apologize for the Republican handling of the Michelle MacDonald endorsement snub by Keith Downey; and Downey in turn to apologize for Franken's cones. For Emmer to apologize for rollerblades; and for the anonymous perp to come forward and apologize to Laura Brod for invasion of her privacy. Hagedorn could next apologize for causing a primary; and Entenza could - well, simply apologize.

Entenza and Michele Bachmann could hold a joint press conference, each apologizing for the other's blind ambition and unsound judgment while Kent Sorenson could apologize for waiting so long to cut a plea deal.

Get it over with, so real issues can percolate to the forefront. Or is that asking too much?

Is it like asking Libyan leadership to step forward and apologize for something? Forty dozen people would step forward and then start shooting at one another. Ditto, Iraq. Great job, establishing "democracy" via the military. Colin Powell could apologize for lying; and Cheney could come forward and finally apologize for Rumsfeld.

Gingrich could come forward and apologize for the lying "pay less" part of his all too recent trifecta mantra.

Roberts and friends, they could come forward and apologize for corporations are people stupidities. That's overdue.

Obama? He could apologize for winning elections, and the GOP could apologize for candidacies and strategies fostering that result - indeed making it virtually inevitable.

Romeny should apologize to the 47%, and to the other 52% he indirectly insulted in thinking it Holy Writ that only the 1% matter.

I should apologize to developers and consultants? Sure, okay, sorry guys.

What else?

Hat tip to Jon Tevlin. I apologize for not noting his item sooner.


Anonymous said...

The Dems should apologize for the Affirmative action president who has become the worst president of American history. For delaying the recovery beyond how long it would have taken if Obama did nothing. For ignoring the plight of those who paid into social security all their life and now get a 1.5% Cost of Living adjustment while rewarding those who never worked with 30% welfare increases. For failing to secure the boarder. For the thousands of illegal immigrants and ignoring the rule of law to deal with those who come here illegally. For inventing the term undocumented aliens as though they landed here by mistake. For failing to be a transformative contributor toward race trust instead of the get-even president. For making wining more important than following the law. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST - For the next 911 that is yet to happen because of his dithering.

eric zaetsch said...


Why not sign who you are? Attach a name publicly, to a belief set that likely resonates only with a small set of FOX/Rush voters.

Agreed - What the two party system is doing to Social Security is obscene. Denial of a move to single payer civilized healthcare provision, ditto. How would YOU change that Social Security situation? Send McFadden and Emmer to DC? To schmooze with Paul Ryan. Great idea.

Last: "Border" is the line between states or nations. "Boarder" is something else.

Anonymous said...

Your comment is noted, reliance on spell check has problems. But how many of the workers Dens are importing can even speak English let alone spell.