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Friday, August 01, 2014

I find it hard to take, offensive even, that anti-tax poseur Harold Hamilton appears to think it's okay to take the SBA for a ride.

This link, this excerpt, you judge whether the partisan blinders get in the way of any form of good sense:


Much has been made this week of news that state Senator Sean Nienow (R-Cambridge) has filed for personal bankruptcy.

The filing stemmed primarily from business debt incurred to start and maintain a small business endeavor that ultimately failed.

Too much has been made of this news in the opinion of the Watchdog.

On the whole, there is really no real news here.

Every day in America, citizens take a risk to start a small business. The reality is that most of these businesses fail.

But it's these entrepreneurial pursuits that build wealth and prosperity through the innovation and competition inherent in these activities.

For every failed business, there's a Microsoft started in a garage. For every bad idea, there's someone who identifies the proverbial better mousetrap. For every man who grinds out a career at a desk in some faceless corporation, there's a man who puts his name on the door and takes the massive risk involved for the opportunity to make the Forbes 500.

So, its okay to take the SBA for a half-million dollar plus ride. Santa doesn't fund the SBA. Hamilton's taxpayers, for whom he claims concern, ponied up the pile of cash that Nienow flushed somewhere, in some hare-brained Nienow way.

And Hamilton's fine with it? Go figure that hummer, folks.

Somebody pat the dog on the head and tell him that Sean Nienow is no Bill Gates. Also, tell him Bill Gates used family trust money to found Microsoft, not sucking at the public teat to take a flyer. Gates had his mom on the United Way national board along with the head of IBM, and young Gates ended up, somehow, with the contract to provide the operating system for the IBM PC. Somehow.

Big difference? I think so. Besides, Bill Gates, he's smart. That's another difference.

If the woofer cared to take care, he'd have analogized Steve Jobs, since Jobs and Wozniak neither came from a wealthy established family, neither had the existing ten million dollar trust fund sitting there that Gates had, when dropping out of Harvard after having gotten family and trustee approval to take the risk with trust fund cash.

Wozniak and Jobs started with a blue box device to evade ATT long distance charges and might have ended up in jail instead of founding Apple, but the authorities moved at their normal glacial pace, and Jobs cashed in first with the Apple II before the Macintosh. And it WAS the Apple II that induced IBM to enter that low end market with the aim of killing Apple, and via that Gates got his ride.

Now, that said, Jobs did NOT take the SBA down for a ton of money. Big difference.

And Jobs, like Gates, is was a bright secular humanist, not a theocratic Bachmannistani like Nienow, who distinguishes himself from Gates and Jobs by being far, far, far from a burning bright hundred watt bulb.

What is big time news to me is nobody in the establishment media is asking where did the money go, what did Nienow do with that pile of public goodwill; nor is there expressed mainstream concern for how Nienow was able to ingratiate his way into a half million dollar plunder with no real pot to piss in as security. What strings were pulled by whom, when, in return for what if anything, and give me a dramatis personae for the players in the cash-went-where -&- why-was-it-given drama. Nobody it seems, clearly not Hamilton on the GOP side of things, cares a real hoot about accountability in the entire Nienow fiasco.

Why not lift that rock to see what all is under it?

__________FURTHER UPDATE__________
Hamilton might have analogized Elon Musk, but then again, he's got a brain not a brick, who among other indications shows himself smart enough to play one government off against others. And, secular humanist again. They all seem to sort out that way. The high-tech ones.

Hamilton's got the Hobby Lobby guy, Chick-fil-A, but likely was in a hurry in posting.

Really though, a summer camp placement idea as a business - Nienow's "entrepreneurship;" and the SBA released half a million dollars, on that, to Nienow.

Please tell me and convince me politics were not part of the game. Just awful SBA decision making, by whoever, whenever, based on whatever information Nienow supplied in applying for a bundle of taxpayer money to squander stupidly, (that being the better explanation than stuffing mason jars for a backyard money burial site - either way the money seems publicly unaccounted for at present).

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