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Saturday, August 02, 2014

ABC Newspapers has, as of Aug.1, begun posting candidate related letters to the editor. In earnest.

This link. Of the bunch, the one about McFadden strikes me as most insightful and incisive. [UPDATE: Publishing was started June 25, online here, with two letters in favor of the Sivarajah GOP candidacy. FURTHER UPDATE: July 23, here, some candidate related commentary; Dan Kohler within the three links having letters posted at least twice. A leading July 16 letter negative toward a DFL supporter and candidate, which among other things states, "Anoka High School and University of Minnesota graduate Abigail Whelan believes all government levels should support faith and family values – not enact laws that promote libertine non-values." Unsure of intent, but "liberty values" would fit better than "libertine non-values." Whelan is not a Liberty Republican, she is far from it. FURTHER UPDATE: July 11, the second letter is the one of which the July 16 letter is critical. Reading each may prove helpful.]

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