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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A thought experiment on little yellow tags on the pavement.

This image, from this Strib report, shows how efficiently local police noted and marked shell casing locations at a shooting scene.

Somewhat more efficiently than they did in Ferguson.

MSNBC last night played audio from a neighboring resident's video chat having at the time of recording two clusters of gunshots audible in background sound. [UPDATE: CNN online, here.]

If there were two clusters of shell casings that would fit both the audio and eyewitness statements to the media that the shooting was by the officer in two segments, witnesses saying the second segment was after Brown's hands were up and he had stopped.

These are bystander eyewitness statements, not solely that way in Brown's friend's statement. Video statements of at least two separate women interviewed by different news outlets, have been posted on YouTube. Interested readers should have no trouble navigating Michael Brown YouTube content, e.g., here. NY Times, here, with a video and a timeline report indicating 4 hours between the time of the shooting and removal of the body.

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