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Sunday, March 12, 2017

We are past "Day One." Why're words of yesteryear missing in action? Lies then, or simple foregefulness now?

YouTube. What's his name, then saying what?

Three hundred billion dollars. Day One. Gee. What's holding up the processs? Secretary Price? The Republicans in majority in both federal Houses? Who?

What does the term "bully pulpit" mean? MIA? Held captive? By whom?

Are we seeing yet again a reliance upon the short attetion span and basic stupidity of Trump voters? Is there any other explanation? A repeated theme?

Feeling "great" again, or just led by a Judas Goat? One of two?

Put on your thinking caps. If Trump was flat out lying, and Ryan is a front man, the barker at the front of the tent; who is pulling the levers, running the extravaganza? A bunch of suits, key suits in the middle like orchestra conducors? Or not?

NY Times image, from this report

__________FURTHER UPDATE_________
Sarah steams, Breitbart streams:

“I do want to speak about this, but I am tempted to say not another word from our fearless leaders about this new form of Obamacare that I’m going to call RINO-care—not another word from them until we are definitively told that there is no provision whatsoever allowing Congress to exempt itself whatsoever with this law,” Palin said. “As with anything else mandated by Congress, every single dotted I and crossed T better apply to them, too, and not just the people who they are lording this thing over because remember this is government-controlled health care, the system that requires enrollment in an unaffordable, unsustainable, unwanted, unconstitutional continuation of government-run medicine, and even in this new quasi-reformed proposal, there is still an aspect of socialism. That’s the whole premise here.”

Palin expressed serious concern with the fact that Ryan’s healthcare bill does not eliminate Obamacare’s individual mandate. It just shifts the mandate—which requires all Americans to purchase a health insurance plan even if they do not want one. Under Obamacare, those who do not comply, pay a tax to the federal government. Under Ryan’s plan, those who not comply, pay a fee to the insurance companies.

“This 30 percent additional fee will be collected by some in the private sector, which will mean politicians are allowed again to pick the winners and losers, and it makes you wonder who’s lobbying hardest for aspects of this new bill because obviously there are special interests involved. Otherwise, certain private sector segments of our economy wouldn’t be rewarded as they will be with this fee, instead of going to the IRS going to private companies,” Palin said. “It would be really helpful if every single one of these politicians would do like the NASCAR drivers do—and it’s been said before—but let them wear their sponsors plastered all over their three-piece suits when they show up so we know what side they’re on and who they’re actually doing their bidding for.”

At this time, House GOP leadership officials are refusing to answer which lobbyists specifically were involved in writing the bill and which lobbyists wrote which parts of the legislation. Palin told Breitbart News that it’s a “great question” for leadership officials that they should answer because the public deserves to know.

“That’s a great question. That’s a great question,” Palin said when informed of the fact that House GOP leaders have refused to answer which lobbyists were involved in writing the legislation. “The people want to know with this RINO-Care, we know that it helps Big pharma and big lobbyists who need big government to stay in business. We want to and have the right to know who’s actually putting pen to paper and writing this because we know the politicians don’t write the laws.”

Stoking the fires of discontent. No. That cannot be. Palin and Breitbart would never do that. They trampolined the present congressional majorities and the hotel guy into their present positions; so are they biting the hands they fed (how does that saying go - did I get it right . . .)?

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