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Friday, March 31, 2017

Russian readers of Crabgrass; but isn't all politics local, and this is Ramsey, Minnesota? Perhaps a 6500 word item is relevant? It, after all, has an image of Trump and mentor, Roy Cohn.

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Google gives access stats for Blogger blogs, and earlier it has been noted the strange viewership pattern showing up recently, especially when Trump and Russia and/or Russians and/or oligarchs and/or Putin are part of a post. Those numbers are unusual for an obscure blog; unless they were to be annual numbers. It appears, at a guess, monthly, however.


Today's item should, given the pattern, be a bell-ringer. It's all news to me; and "fake news" or not, it is done by links to web content; not musings of a north metro Minnesota mind. That said; moving on:

Start with the links; main item here, "RUSS BAKER, C. COLLINS AND JONATHAN Z. LARSEN -- WHY FBI CAN’T TELL ALL ON TRUMP, RUSSIA;" also of interest USA Today, here, both items dated March 27, 2017. See, also; Financial Times, Aug, 2016.

Bayrock Group links of interest; here, here, here and here; the last item "digital" not "hacking" but apparently in the related "digital" for profit skill set.

The truth is I don't know anything more about Bayrock than its "about" page tells; along with mention in others of the above linked items; about, including:

Lots of puffery, based in LA, a European Proctor and Gamble experience set for the purported named boss; but, is that a different "Bayrock" than "Bayrock Group?" If there's a tie-in, you tell me.

Bayrock Group, some websearch hits, Wikipedia; Gulen mentioned and a while back there was that Turkish "failed coup" where Gulen was also mentioned, and mention of Bayrock Group in passing as background overlap, in an N.Y. Post item, with that outlet something of a stylistic mirror of Breitbart, at its seediest.

Back to Trump, this screencapture from the Financial Times, mid-2016 published item, at the item's beginning [with the entire thing much longer and a good read, and gee, some name overlap with the N.Y. Post item]:

Blogger image handling can sometimes make screencaptures difficult to read; but there is always the full original story.

The blockbuster story, if it's not "fake news" is this item, with three teaser snippets below, and it is a have-to-read story along with the parallel and equally lurid item also published online March 27, by USA Today. Snippets - click each to enlarge and read:

Aside from Trump, some really ugly looking people. In closing, this USA Today item; so is this Jarad-based item coincidentally parallel, or interweaved?

No tune time. Book time. Pynchon, his 2013 (copyright) New York City saga, Bleeding Edge. One I will have to read again, a story of Dark and Sinister high tech uncertainties in the big metropolis. But, it's fiction. At least not "fake fiction."

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