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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

A possible conversation.

Maybe next he could midnight tweet that United Health hired
Harry Caul to tap his phones -- then after the Obama tap business
bottoms out, use that as our next scripted distraction from  
the "Trumpcare" bill Mac-the-Knife Ryan and his bunch ginned up?

As an independent prosecutor for the Sessions-and-the-Russkies probe, one not beholden nor presently having the appearance of being allied with the Trump-Pence camp, my suggestion, humbly given: Chris Christie. He'd earlier supported Trump and got no spoils. "Get on the plane," and back to New Jersey. So. No pro-Trump bias to compromise his independence.

An experienced prosecutor, as a former U.S. Attorney, he's done criminal prosecutions and negotiated plea resolutions that are not too lenient. As a bet, he'd not take bull for an answer.

In closing this UPDATE, if as much of it as could be public, the more the merrier - with popcorn and the TV media attentive, seeing him and Sessions mix it up would be, for lack of any better word, gratifying.

_________FURTHER UPDATE__________
Back to the opening image/caption: If you are a "They wouldn't do that" skeptic, skeptical about possibly intentional distraction and dissembling to avoid scrutiny of the healthcare highway robbery; well, skepticism always is a healthy, helpful thing. However, would you consider video as "evidence," either way; where you can view the entire John Oliver online YouTube clip; or start at 2:57-min for the "evidence" preamble; or at 3:07-min or so, without preamble [click each thumbnail image to compare, first, with lead-in, second just watch w/o any pre-prepped idea - but the screen captures are not hot links, so link here]:

If you do the view; and come away thinking happestance, pure happenstance and not evidence; then how did you vote, top ballot, last election? I could bet.

LAST: Hat tip to Hullabaloo, here, for noting a different, longer John Oliver online clip - identical up to the point where the item linked to here ends (at a relevant point).

Hullabaloo has some good recent posts; e.g., here, here, here, here, or just go there and explore the site - recent and archived.

FURTHER: Top item, now, Hullabaloo, moving on so that somebody's dodged one, or waiting in ambush - ready and reloaded?

_____________FURTHER UPDATE______________
Why would our fine Republican friends in Congress and the Trump administration want to smokescreen their stuff?

A theory, from - him again - John Oliver.

____________FURTHER UPDATE______________
An idea for an even greater insult to the Republican replacement joke: Don't call it Trumpcare, be totally insolent, call it


Remember the old saying, "Half a loaf is better than no bread at all?" That arguably applied to Obamacare vs Single Payer (Government financed Universal Healthcare as a right). Where does "Ryancare" fit the saying? How about: "Don't even taste that moldy bread." (From the baker who's on record lying about his marathon time - too - there being no "care" to Ryancare, only pure derision and disdain for the people, then, now, and forever -- what kind of a person would lie about a marathon time anyway? besides Paul Ryan, or a sociopath - wait . . .)

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