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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Farm incomes are reported down in Minnesota, rural/urban imbalances in voting pattern and prosperity have been reported, and with the Ryancare miasma from his disastrous fiasco, (however bad the ultimate thing may ultimately turn out in final passage and signing by Republicans in both houses in concert with the Republican White House); farmers are likely to see more suffering. Ultimate Pence-Ryancare shall be aimed at lowering federal and state subsidization with less being spent by government. Add to that Trump policy against immigration affecting foreign trained health professionals joining our nation where they are more likely to service rural needs; all that together says farmers are about to take an even bigger hit.

Strib, not via a wire feed but in its own item, "BUSINESS - More than 30 percent of Minnesota farmers lost money in 2016 -- Two years of losses place financial stress on farmers as prices continue to decline. By Tom Meersman Star Tribune MARCH 28, 2017 — 9:05PM," tells the story of fading prices and yields up but insufficient to cover for declining price effects. This is for crop and livestock operations, in the State.

Faults in Ryancare were many, and are more likely to worsen than improve. The immigration shenanigans out of the Trumpsters having an impact on rural healthcare has been reported widely enough that readers can do their own websearch.

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With Minnesota having a Governor attentive to every county in the State and to local needs, and with CD8 having Collin Peterson with seniority on House Ag committee action, the state is well positioned politically - and then there is Cargill. What the 800 pound Ag gorilla decides and does will likely be the biggest thing weighing on farm prosperity nationwide, worldwide, and in Minnesota. What they plan and then do is not as transparent as if they were a publicly traded firm.

This item is believed to fit into the theme of this post, yet admittedly, it is unclear precisely how.

And then, we still have Greenspan, who ought to be more old soldier than Julliard schooled sax player, and just fade away. (The sax is out of brass, Al, so you've a brass standard.)

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