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Friday, March 10, 2017

Microsoft operating system users - expect a big update Tuesday, March 14, 2017.

There is some logic to the "crystal ball" headline.

First, the February update was skipped, so a regular two month's set of updates should be, roughly, twice as much.

Now, Wikileakes is saying it holds CIA exploit code, but will only release white papers and not code at this time because of a decision to give notice first to system providers/manufacturers/software engineers to patch vulnerabilities before releasing the whole ball of stuff.

The guess, the part the crystal ball tells me, is that Wikileaks had the stuff in February and gave the industry a heads up at about the point Microsoft felt its February update was close to finalized. Then, the "Oh shit!" moment, subsequent to Assange "Guess what?" calling. Engineers sent to the Bolivian Embassy in London, etc.

It makes sense, and to confirm, go ask Microsoft. If doing so, expect possible circumspection.

And Comey, beyond asking the Justice Department to not have the FBI fingered, leaves us guessing - barking up other trees (do they have any real trees at Langley and would they let us dogs in to bark?)

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