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Monday, March 13, 2017

CBO says its study suggests 24 million citizens will lose healthcare coverage under Ryan-Pencecare.

An apt source for reporting of the fallout the Republican Ryan-Pencecare drum beater mischief will entail, reports.

Minneapolis Star Tribune, "Strib," which is owned by Republican Glen Taylor had this editorial and this editorial cartoon.

The Pharmaceuticals Industry needs to be tamped down, and providers need discipline, while insurer profiteering needs to be checked; those things will bend down the curve; unless/until the nation out of wisdom and decency moves to single payer, healthcare as a right along the lines of the Canadian system - as good as that or better. But for now, things such as eliminating the excess compensation tax upon an insurer levied against any executive pay above half a million dollars per year as Ryancare/Pencecare would do is simply obscene. As well as stupid. This stuff out of Ryan is pure bullshit. And he has to know it but not care. The first Congressional District of Wisconsin has to have been gerrymandered grossly to allow that clown to continue to be reelected. There is no other cogent explanation.

Heartless sociopath, doing flag abuse.

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