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Friday, June 17, 2016


Old news, from June 1 this year, but still interesting news. Strib, here, these paragraphss near the end of the report:

Officers with the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension searched the dispensary and the company’s armored vehicle. BCA officials saw that the CMO made several transfers in December — mostly after hours — totaling more than 5,580 grams of cannabis oil out of Otsego with no destination listed. Health officials could not laccount for the missing oil and learned that after-hours transfers are “out of the ordinary.”

The company responded to the search warrant by releasing a two-page statement saying the missing cannabis oil was destroyed and that the New York facility was not short on inventory. The company said the discrepancies stem from software designed for the accounting of marijuana plant material, not oil. Those limitations result in a lack of destinations for dozens of entries into the system, “not just the small number of entries cherry-picked by the disgruntled former employee.”

In the film version Bruch Willis will play the disgruntled former employee; Matt Damon as BCA head; William H. Macey as the company owner. Matt Dillon and Snoop Dogg the firm's dispensary head and armored vehicle driver respectively. These are the favored folks per Dayton's we-need-another-study approach to legalization. Somebody's gonna be favored folks, so we pick with caution . . .

More software "glich" distress; our military; luckily not in pay grade and promotion e-records. Here and here. Lockheed Martin yet again proves itself an exemplary military contractor. One to emulate. The Coen brothers are working on the film version; a musical, similar to Oh Brother Where Art Thou. Less snow a part of the plot, in comparison to Fargo. Snow of a differing nature.

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