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Friday, June 10, 2016

So what?

$15 minimum wage. Break up big banks. Tax reform for better income equality. End the Superdelegate obscenity. Retire DWS. Stop screwing the young via student loan obscenity. Put Wall Street gangsters in jail - next time. Condition the next bailout on firing top Wall Street executives. End the Goldman Sachs control of government. Strengthen UNIONS. Demilitarize police forces. Stay out of Syria. Undo Citizens United. Impeach John Roberts, Sam Alito. Reinstate the New Deal into a "New New Deal." Don't just wave stupidly as if to stupid people. That waving bit can get trumped.

A long image caption, but not a bad one.

It does not have any appearance of "CHANGE" to me, so far, still waiting . . .

Two videos. This. And this. Another.

One perhaps a touch more judgmental. But relevant to "So What?"

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