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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Understanding the Clintons and Paul Ryan. Part 2.

Whether apocryphal or true, legend is Nixon in 1970 said, "We are all Keynesians now." Within a handful of years the Nixon era coup [and he WAS a crook] was enacted via an FBI insider feeding Woodward-Bernstein FBI stories; with the switch enacted as "reform" being to Gerald Ford - Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller in the saddle. Then military careerist and peanut farmer, one term, and then after that we the people suffered the entire, whole, unfettered, and total evil co-option of government by intellectual thugs ["the Reagan Bush years"].

The Clintons and Paul Ryan, they are each a Reaganomics pied piper, bought and owned, now; per this recent image:

Richard Wolff explains; this video [and do consider bypassing the awful interrupting advertisements kept there when it was posted on YouTube].

How about this next slightly altered image versions?

Anyone feel it as a resonating image? Anyone see a need (not merely a want)? A need to know: What's a quarter million bucks per hour's speech buy? Done three times? Actually? Moral hazard risk; too big to fail with its internalized extreme private-sector money making hand over fist in early stages, and its socializing costs of failure when the bubble breaks?

Take the veal and gravy, now, and let the public clear the mess left on the table, later? Bailout and military intrigue from an inflated over-paid officer corps, debt financed with Ryan proposals of screwing the poor out of necessary social benefit programs in order to allow robber barons to continue barely taxed, usurping ever greater shares of the pie. That appears to be Clinton policy too. Hat tip to John Roberts, Clarence Thomas, Sam Alito. Obama years, no Wall Street gangsters jailed, despite all. The head of General Motors having to step down before their bailout; not a single Wall Street CEO having to walk that walk?

One party - Two faces?

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