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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Meanwhile, CTIB member Matt Look, an Anoka County commissioner, said “it’s inappropriate for us to be beating up on one of our members. There have been rumblings [of leaving] in Anoka County, as well. If people want to start pulling a thread on a sweater, then let’s go.”

The headline is a mid-item paragraph from a Strib authored report, "Dakota County takes heat over proposed exit from transit board -- The county is threatening to withdraw its tax money. By Janet Moore Star Tribune - June 15, 2016 — 9:27pm."

Clear from the headline, the report is not about Matt Look, nor primarily about Anoka County.

It just seems strange, my Highway 10 pork, it's a need; their transit pork, it's a want. The old Matt Look wants vs needs conundrum. Matt always right. Per Matt.

UPDATE: While the above is a possibly wrong simplification; it does seem that Anoka County; having gotten Northstar years ago and ahead of arguably higher priority projects; is hardly in possession of clear grounds to now criticize current transit planning and spending. There is something asymmetric to such a viewpoint. Yet at this point Anoka County is not set to exit any particular regional transit process in which it currently is involved. Not by any formal vote of any governing body. Yet.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the late reply - just stumbled across your post. Wow. Ever been to the north metro recently and drive Hwy 10? It's virtually the exact same, deficient, and unsafe road it was 50 years ago. Hwy 10 is still just a pipe-dream: stuck in planning without even a timetable for action. It'll likely stay this way for yet another decade. Hwy 65? I wouldn't be caught dead in it during rush hour. Traffic is so congested on hwy 65 that the timing on the lights are set so that cross traffic waits 12-15 minutes (the maximum setting on the lights) -- and it still isn't enough. MnDOT says there is nothing more that can be done. The minute you leave the 694 loop, hwy 65 has stoplights. Now try driving Cedar/77 in the south metro: 3 lanes, 65-mph, no stop lights until Apple Valley. It's night and day better. As for North Star: everywhere else gets light rail. North Metro? Transit on rail competing with freight traffic. I'm sure you've followed the news enough to read the delays on that -- so you know how well that's working out. Quite simply, the north metro has NOT gotten equitable transit funding - and it isn't EVEN CLOSE. And the north metro is suffering for it. The north metro's proposal the Vikings stadium was largely shot down because of the transit needs for the area. Apparently, the north metro only exists to help fund infrastructure elsewhere. Anoka County puts in nearly 10% of CTIB funding, yet gets 4% back in transit dollars (Dakota County left the CTIB and they put less in and got more back). Your comments are baseless and very uninformed, IMO.

eric zaetsch said...

Interesting comment, even without a name put on it. Is the problem insufficient funding or too great a lust for growth, present residents be damned, let them cope.

You see the former. I see the latter. A name to a comment always carries more clout.

Met Council says, GROW, GROW, GROW, and the builders/developers say, $$, $$, ca-ching, ca-ching, and MnDOT says, "If the rural Republicans, the Emmers, were to not be such cheap County Watchdog whistle responders, the world would differ.

One person for whom I have had undivided respect even when differing in opinion over some things noted, Met Council is in the business of selling flushes; SAC hookups, so they want their dole of the blood. It is Crabgrass all around, out of control.