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Monday, June 06, 2016

Understanding Paul Ryan and Hillary Clinton. [UPDATED]

Start the journey, here.

One I have yet to hear and consider, here; with a promising troika and a compelling subject.

Two web searches, here and here.

First item, first call-in question, second half, David Brooks, a question well answered.

Each link carries with it links elsewhere. Time is what you make of it, so invest time; or not. If feeling short on time, THIS is the item Greenwald in the first linked video suggests we all should read.

It goes well toward explaining Ryan and the Clintons, and Trump, viewed as if standing apart from Wall Street ownership and/or influence, is an absurdity nobody should seriously hold in mind. Red ball cap aside, he is part of the status quo, a beneficiary of it at least in part, and an unlikely reformer. Trump University shows a very rich man still chasing bucks out of the hides of ordinary but more gullible than most, citizens. Not too fine a picture.

ZeroHedge, here. Not that novel an analysis, but lack of novelty in saying what is known does reinforce what is known.

This Simon Johnson YouTube video is worthwhile.

Johnson talks about "too big to fail" and Dodd-Frank nuances that explain Barney Frank whoring for Hillary, and explain what Hillary may have been telling Goldman Sachs at a quarter million dollars a pop; or if not telling Goldman Sachs that, then, at some other time in more privacy with the speech/fee trick pony following.

At a guess. Johnson raises a point about the Obama administration, and a Dodd-Frank amendment's failure; and Clinton was with Obama and Obama is poised to endorse Clinton; and what speeches at what prices to whom from Obama after eight years is an interesting thing Vegas may be giving odds on, but smart money would bet many speeches, big bucks per, and to Wall Street and in Europe. In China? Likely. We wait. We shall see.

YouTube, here.

___________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Another interesting troika in discussion.

The wrap up mentions young white folk getting screwed. Debt peonage.

___________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Take two and a half hours, view this; consider Paul Ryan's agenda toward change. Recall that video dates to before the 2012 election, not the apparently destined present contest (with none of the above a ruled out option), that being the likely contest beween Clinton [owned by Goldman] vs. Trump [shystering plain folks via Trump "University"].

Two oligarchs. Which oligarch do you see yourself and your precious vote favoring? Neither of these oligarchs, male or female, is attuned to the agenda Sanders is advancing. Not attuned to the proposals that are resonating with the tremendous crowds and multitude of small contributions Sanders has generated this cycle.

What is needed is to keep the hammer, keep hammering, hoping Bernie stays Bernie through the convention and beyond; and does not become a camp follower after all has been said and done. Next cycle perhaps Elizabeth Warren will see opportunity without compromise of integrity as "the time."

Sometime will be "the time," and oligarchy and its militarized urban police will break, likely when the militarized police refuse to fire upon the people, unlike Kent State and Jackson State the last time people stood up. Unlike the put down of the Occupy Movement and the marchers in Ferguson. Police militarization is a concern against free speech, where effective, in the streets. Free popular speech, when ineffective, of course is a treasured national tradition the plutocrats have no difficulty embracing. But if it pinches, it's been policed, brutally. Free speech, as long as you say nothing beyond, "Bless our capitalist free enterprise system, it has been so good to the majority of our peoples, who love it in all its dimensions and aspects." You can always say that, and it will be policed in your behalf.

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