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Monday, June 27, 2016

Minnesota Democratic Party fundraising event.

Below is the emailed flyer. It might interest some readers. Click the image to enlarge it and read.

"Unity" is easy to say, but very hard to prove. I wonder if the Convention will entail the usual taking of progressives for granted, as the reliable toilet, they'd only get it worse from the other guys. That in essence is my view of the Clinton-Wall Street "third way." Opinions can differ.

Progressives could stay home in November or protest vote one of the minor parties top ballot, if wanting a down-ticket voice. Something real beyond voice-on-the-platform window dressing had better happen at that convention, or some might be disinclined to dutifully sing Kumbaya.

The same applies to environmentalists, the other reliable toilet under Clinton-Wall Street "third way" capture of the party. Add in labor too, with TPP opposition easy to promise. "Trust me" has not been a strong working factor in how the Obama administration has handled TPP authoring in the dark and away from sanitizing sunlight.

What tatters are left of the New Deal, and who is complicit in ripping it up more?

The Clinton-Gingrich pairing in the '90's yielded little for progressives to like. What is expected of a Clinton-Ryan pairing beyond more of the same? Is that more than a hypothetical question? Yes. It is a "whole world will be watching after Brexit" question, and 1968 convention redux would make Trump as happy as if Nixon. The garden has best be tended fairly; progressives not being weeds.

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