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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

This is the second email today from a trusted friend sending a link and derserving a post.

A different friend -- With an audit of the Fed and it having greater scrutiny in general as it exercises its immense private sector powers over our nation's money supply and our economy being a topic that has enjoyed a spectrum of support, the link is to a bill amendment in that direction, noted here.

Moreover, with a hope that it is more than standing upwind of the rain and getting wet, it is admirable that Senator Paul has offered a range of amendments to enforce a greater federal government restraint regarding the privacy of citizens. See the list, here.

Having a favorable reaction to the reach of that list goes beyond the email specifically addressing Rand Paul's continuation of attention to the powers and behavior of the Fed; which has been an ongoing matter of discussion between friends.

Readers who may be paying attention to Senate deliberations are urged to email or submit comments concerning the fate in the Senate's deliberation of each of the amendments in the set being advocated by Sen. Paul. What was expected? What happened? Who might be noteworthy in how he/she voted on the Paul amendments, etc., all analysis on point and serious will be very welcome.

I recall that Branden Petersen and John Marty together in the recently ended legislative session sought express Constitutional cyber-privacy assurances for Minnesotans, but the effort unfortunately fell upon deaf ears. Or it did not fit some lobbying force's agenda and got side-tracked so that Bakk and Daudt could sell out the environment together, something far more resonant with the lobbying corps.

UPDATE: Reader help is requested. A web search might find the answer, but readers, collectively, may already know it -- Does Bernie support audit scrutiny and tighter oversight of the Fed, and does Bernie strongly advocate privacy protections of the kind at which the range of Paul amendments are aimed? If any reader tracks the debate and voting on the Paul amendments, please track how Bernie votes, and then let other readers know.

Ditto the same two questions for Secretary Clinton or the testing-the-waters Vice President, on those important liberty/privacy issues. Going in blind, the expectation is Bernie will vote in favor of the Paul package; and that the Clinton-Biden camps will fudge around about their distaste for privacy [except for deletable private family email] when national security can be bandied about as a contributing factor.

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