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Sunday, August 30, 2015

An earlier post dealt with reposting Media Matters proof positive that Pete Hegseth is a Koch Brothers' tool. With that as background, one candidate for SD35 GOP caucus love has been within the last few years an unabashed Hegseth tout. Even emphasizing the Hegseth line, "... nobody owns me." However, the truth surely seems that the Kochs own Hegseth, lock stock and barrel, and have owned him for some time.

Start with the link to the Hegseth undressing as tool of the Kochs. Here, this link.

As big as life, and twice as ugly.


Andy Aplikowski has closed off his Residual Forces blog, for the duration of his SD35 GOP primary candidacy.

Well --- before he did that, I had in one FireFox profile opened a post or two from there, from before the shutdown, and in relaunching the profile the posts were intact, along with a prominent upper left Archives - Select Month box.

This from the cracker-jack GOP websmith.

Not a hack. None needed. Just how things were left intact.

Well, with a box offering "Search by Month," what else to do? Searching by month, this hummer showed up:

Not Andy fine working it with a trowel, this was shoveled on thick and pungent. And I took a full screen capture of the entire post. As you can, unless/until the websmith re-smiths.


When one runs for office judgment and sagacity are traits voters should try to weigh and measure. Is there wisdom and discernment between the ears? Can the candidate see beyond superficial shuck and jive? It is that simple.

Below is evidence. And while it was mostly cut/paste love-that-Hegseth jive from The Blaze and still online there, the reposting by Andy in a sense made it his own, i.e., with his own personal endorsement and gravitas underpinning the original presentation:

click to enlarge and read


From start to finish and unlike The Blaze which used the paragraph solely as a wrap-up, Andy was so smitten by the following that it was his - start, and finish:

Can you believe it:

“There is a culture of cronyism in Washington—who benefits and who doesn’t—but nobody owns me,” he said. “The word courage is overused in politics, but I’m going to go to Washington, and I’m not going to hedge, not going to make friends.

So the question left begging, did he, Hegseth, attach himself to the Kochs to make friends, or to make money? Or to become owned, comfortably; even if he cannot throw an axe straight?


As fair disclosure, I generally have not favored Republican candidates, yet, as to SD35 candidacies so far known to me, I favor Jim Abeler over Andy Aplikowski as seeming to me to be more levelheaded, less dogmatic, brighter, more experienced, and more willing to accord attention and thought to opinions that may differ from his own, even to the point of changing a wrong viewpoint or at least enlarging one. I post this item from that perspective, so readers may view it as biased that way, if they choose. And also from a perspective of not knowing whether or not Jim Abeler was or was not a Hegseth backer, but from a belief that even if leaning that way, Abeler would not have gone so distinctly overboard about it. And last, in fairness to Andy, there are other Republicans, or at least one, where if the choice were to be between Andy and this other local Republican politician I would favor Andy in a heartbeat. Without a need to name names.

UPDATE: image credit, here

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