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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Donald Trump. You want to see him give a speech? Yahoo has one online.

Wake up. Smell the brand.

This link. For the speech. Watch the entire thing. It gets tedious after a while, but perhaps not for you.

What else does he say besides, "Trust me?"

And negative stuff. Jeb Bush is a fish out of water. Rand Paul is short [the up to here comment]. Immigration? We're here already and are better.

The fact is income inequality is the big problem and it is being swept under the carpet, both parties, and if you tax corporations, the rich, wealth as well as income, and if you have to go to war go to war against the tax havens, then there's plenty of money for the American Dream.

But from Trump? Trump is a billionaire landlord. If you expect relief for the rest of us from a billionaire who inherited uber-landlord status and brags about his wealth from keeping people paying, then let the fellow sell you the Brooklyn Bridge too. Keeps people paying --- on time and every dime. How it is. His Gestalt.

And if you think FOX is hostile to billionaire landlords who talk up a storm, good luck to you.

And if you expect tax the rich out of Clinton or Jeb!, then forget about Bernie. You are not clued in enough to at least see if you have to trust any one of them, it is Bernie.

Not that he if elected might disappoint, but -- who else?

Scott Walker? Get real. He has turned Wisconsin into a basket case. Scant cash for higher ed, millions for a new plush venue for the Milwaukee Bucks. His Gestalt. Bread and circuses, without the bread.


Anonymous said...

eric zaetsch said...

As to "Trust Me," and saying his favorite book is "The Bible, yes, The Bible -- even better than Art of the Deal," it is hard to envision his combing his mind in anguish over the meaning of the Book of Revelations, today in our times, and where he should look, today, for a true presence and mark of "The Beast." He envisions an audience, and talks to it.