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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Internet advertising.

Items here and here report about advertising blocking. Not mentioned, but something readers should consider - two things - do a web search about "uBlock Origin" as a blocking tool available in some browsres; and do a second web search about advertising baked-in "features" in the "free" Windows 10 "upgrade."

There is a saying that if the product offered you has no price than you are the product.

Links possibly of interest, here, here and here, for starters.

Would you expect the NSA would be opposed to, or in favor of, each web user having a unique Advertising ID? That tracking capability being baked into your free Windows 10?

For a computer "operating system" what is within and what is outside of necessary to "operate" a desktop or tablet or phone?

Was Windows 8.1 as bad, that way? Do you have to go back to Win-7 or XP to have a more user friendly attitude; and with XP now finally and officially orphaned by Microsoft, what is in store?

Enjoy the Win-10 free solitaire game?

"Freemium" is a term sometimes used which you can Google.

UPDATE: There is the EDRi, and EDRi has looked at Windows 10.

There is also installing and signing in with a "local account" rather than having to have a Microsoft cloud OneDrive account; although that option is less than "upfront" and "transparently obvious;" see, e.g., here and here.

A thoughtful item here.

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