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Monday, August 24, 2015

Is this an unintended boost for the Scott Walker presidential candidacy? Don't ask me, ask Kurt Daudt and the Anoka County Woofer, who appear to disagree.

If the Woofer dislikes or disapproves of him, can he be all bad? Or must I admit, this time I agree with the woofings? Okay. You decide. The Woofer - dated 8/14/2015 - woofed:


Almost unbelievably, Governor Scott Walker this week vaporized his chances of becoming president by signing into law a $250 million public subsidy for a new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks NBA franchise.

In doing so, Walker dutifully aped all the talking points of the many politicians who screw the taxpayers by forking over millions in subsidies to billionaire owners and their millionaire employees.

Signing the bill was bad enough.

The fact that some of the investors in the team are involved in the Walker campaign is worse and presents additional issues.

Perhaps what's worst, in our view, is Walker spouting tired, old, and disproven [sic] Keynesian economic principles in defense of actions.

He stood before the microphones and claimed, as so many liberals do, that an "investment" of $1 taxpayer dollar will result in economic activity many times greater than that dollar.

Walker wants us to believe that a $250 million taxpayer "investment" will shower hundreds of millions more in economic mana from heaven for both Milwaukee and the entire state of Wisconsin.

On top of this, we have recently learned that Walker also has trouble understanding and managing personal finances. He apparently has many thousands in credit card debt he has racked up, including a Sears credit card, of all things.

A guy who believes in taxpayer-funded stadiums shouldn't be president.


Those stadium developers and their politician allies ARE Crabgrass. The Woofer nailed that one down right and tight. If you are a billionaire (or even multimillionaire) franchise owner, internalize the costs of your business, and do not socialize them to the government and, ultimately, to non-billionaire, non-millionaire taxpayers.

So go ask Kurt Daudt. He's Walker's man in Minnesota, and he must be a Bucks fan.

Or ask Kevin Garnett. With that kind of career cash trove available for the guy in the jockstrap, shouldn't Glen Taylor be paying his venue costs and not the citizens (who may prefer subsidized pro hockey in St. Paul anyway, to boot).

End of story.

Not end of story. A detail. That above Kevin Garnett link is from 2014 when he played in Brooklyn. Now he's back in Minnesota with Glen Taylor's sports franchise, on a continuing multi-million per year contract, and reportedly has hit at least the $325 million mark. Playing a game for pay. And Taylor gets public money to upgrade Target Center for him. Go figure. Do you agree or disagree with what the Woofer had to say about Scott Walker? Independent of or along with Mark Dayton doing exactly the same thing but for more public money for the New Jersey Wilfs, bringing the term "Wilfare" into our vocabulary. At one hell of a high price. Were we had?

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