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Saturday, October 25, 2014

The greatest single land owner world wide, the Catholic church, local variant, wants a favorable land deal perk from our secular church-state separated city.

This link. I'd say no and stay patient, but seven other people hold the elected responsibility to serve the SECULAR public interest in things, and in my view the public interest would be served by telling the Church no. Legacy learning argues to say no, but that is a separate entity that stiffed the town on its land deal promises. Bottom line, why give St. Kate too sweet of a deal? Nice people in the congregation I am sure, but let them not exploit poor Ben Dover.


Randy Backous said...

Huh?! You read way too much into this case and assumed malicious intent where absolutely none exists. Here is how it actually went down.

Mark Riverblood (our Parks Superintendent) approached the Parish Leadership to see if they would have any interest in swapping land with the city provided the council had an appetite for expanding Central Park or for securing that land for future expansion.

The Parish Leadership came to the city council work session and made it very, very clear that they are perfectly happy with their present location and have no interest in relocating but in the interest of being good citizens were willing to hear what the city had to offer. If there were to be a swap, they would be interested in a certain parcel of HRA owned land within The COR – value for value – approximately 30 acres for 10 within The COR. Nothing initiated or expected by them and certainly nothing favorable to them.

The Council made it very clear that we are not interested in trading prime taxable land within The COR for tax-exempt land resulting in a net reduction in taxable land inventory – exactly the opposite of one of our main strategic objectives. We were however willing to explore tax-exempt for tax-exempt. Specifically, we would explore a swap of their land for the old municipal center land, leaving our tax-exempt land inventory the same. They did not indicate any interest in that option and I have no idea where it will go, if anywhere.

In short, they came to the table at our staff’s request. They expected nothing from us, demanded nothing favorable to them and were nothing but open and cooperative. I believe you owe them an apology and I’m confident you will offer one.

eric zaetsch said...

Thanks Randy. It seems a swap of the old city hall site with the Church would be better for the City.

Your explanation is helpful.

It is exactly the quality and direction for a comment to take where I have erred or made some incorrect assumption, such as assuming the Church approached the City, not vice versa.

I question whether a Town Center turning out overly church-heavy is a good idea.

Bottom line - Thanks again for a helpful and informative comment.