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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Governor debate on YouTube.

This link.

UPDATE: On the quick response questions Hannah Nicollet has verbal diarrhea. And trouble staying on point. Not solid qualities.

FURTHER UPDATE: It is a two-horse race. Nicollet disqualified herself, by talking.

FURTHER UPDATE: Does Johnson's "Greater Minnesota" harangue mean whoring to outstate because he writes the Twin Cities off as favoring the DFL? It surely comes across that way; and Dayton's calling out "pandering to Northern Minnesota" where the environment faces great risk from undo haste and corner cutting, was a show of character and strength that was lacking, in one out of the three. Nicollet did well by saying don't let mining start without a cleanup escrow in place adequate for the risks. Johnson went the same "pandering to the worse of the Range" way that Mcfadden did earlier in the day. And was equally offensive doing it. Both being very transparent doing it.

Nicollet jumped the "rural Minnesota" bandwagon too, looking there like a Johnson clone, different gender. And hey, can you tell me where Johnson was born? Said it too many times to be anything but outstate pandering. Detroit Lakes should put up a Birthplace of Johnson plaque at least, if not a statue.

FINAL UPDATE: Nicollet was at her strongest in closing, jumping all over Wilfare, and Dayton and a great number of other politicians deserve to have their noses collectively rubbed into how much Wilfare is and should be resented.

Wilfare sucked when it was being done to us. It still sucks, and the graphics of this new stadium with the Peterson 28 image on it having the image dropped sums up a lot about Wilf and Wilfare that is ugly. Throw Peterson wholly under the bus if that's where the cash flows dictate. Sure, Peterson keeps a cash flow himself while not putting his body at risk running the ball, but that's a Wilf cost of business dwarfed by far compared to funding his own %(*&%^%$ stadium from his and family's own ample #%&(%% pockets.

However much that stadium stuff is galling, Dayton's done a good job on most else, and with Johnson having the shoes of Pawlenty to fill, and seeming eager for that task with those shoes fitting well; then whatever else, keep Dayton.

Keep Dayton, defeat Johnson. That has to be a bottom line.

AT THE RISK OF TOO MUCH, ONE MORE UPDATE: This is a background question. On Wilfare, where was Johnson on that vote, and where was he back when Pawlenty was overseeing free public subsidy of the Pohlad family's baseball empire?

Has Johnson ducked the visceral dislike of Wilfare as an issue because he was for it and greasing the skids at the time?

While web research might likely find an answer, I will put out the question asking reader help. Why has Johnson not criticized Wilfare? Is it the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum nature of how both parties did us the citizens in both as to the Baseball subsidy for people not needing it, and then the same for the Football subsidy for people also not needing it?

Nicollet was the ONLY one making that an issue, and Johnson was mute as a brick after she'd thrown the gauntlet.

Any reader knowing Johnson's history on Wilfare and/or Twins stadium subsidy is asked to submit a comment.

UPDATE, THAT QUESTION: It was enough a question to do a Google. Johnson's relatively clean on the stadium subsidy outrage question. He was against Wilfare. See, here and here, the latter item linking here. Given that, why was Johnson mute on Wilfare? Already had his closing spiel put together and did not want to deviate to freelancing after Nicollet handed it to him on a platter? What? Now a convert to Wilfare? Opposed it for a while but no longer? Pawlenty advisors now having Johnson's ear advising steer clear?


Anonymous said...

Insane mindless rambling from Ramsey's village idiot.

eric zaetsch said...

Anon - Your comment reminds me of Goedel's paradox. This time, however, your self referential statement is outside of its reach.