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Monday, October 20, 2014

Perovich - Whelan. The open House District 35A seat. ECM Publishers, Inc., reporting.

This link. This excerpt:

2. What distinguishes you from the other candidate?

PEROVICH: I believe what distinguishes me from my challenger is my experience in leadership roles. My leadership roles started the Teamsters; I was on the Employee Management Committee that negotiated labor contracts. I have also owned a small business. Currently, I am President of the Minnesota B.A.S.S. Nation, a non-profit organization. My leadership with B.A.S.S. led to me being appointed to the DNR Fisheries Oversight Committee, where I now serve as chair, and the Budget Oversight Committee for the Game and Fish Fund.

I have worked with a diverse group of people across a variety of situations; dealing with issues, I have brought a common sense understanding to the table, working with all parties involved to bring consensus.

WHELAN: I believe my perspective as a Millennial brings an important and needed balance to state government. We need to have a voice, as we are frustrated with the way government continues to sell our future by increasing taxes and spending in a way that is unsustainable. My generation will be footing the bills for years to come, and I believe we need to have a seat at the table where these decisions are being made.

We should not have a representative body of all Millennials, rather, we need a mix of every generation, a mix that is representative of the people of Minnesota.

As evident from the "2" there was substantial information reported before [and in fact after] the single above excerpt. The item is a helpful reporting of studied (rather than spontaneous) responses to preidentified questions; and bio information.

UPDATE: I shall confirm, but my understanding of the media outlet's m.o. in doing such reporting each election is to solicit independent candidate responses; i.e., neither candidate knows the other's responses, but each has equal time to reflect and answer the identical set of questions for which the opponent will be writing and submitting answers - with a deadline and with co-publishing, as was done.

FURTHER UPDATE: An editor from ECM confirmed the process, stating by email:

We send out the same questions to everyone in that particular race, they have a word limit for responses. We generally give them about a week to respond. The candidates do not get to see their opponents' answers until they are published, either online or in print.

FURTHER UPDATE: The NMMA candidate forum video remains online:

This link

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