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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I told you strib would do it. strib did it. Glen Taylor drives his new car - strib endorses Beer Bong III in CD8.

Mills III endorsement, strib, here. (Compare this link.)

Collin Peterson's strib endorsement, here.

The Congressional pattern under Taylor ownership so far, endorse incumbents except for Nolan in CD8. Expect it to be where there is no incumbent, endorse GOP, never mind Steve Simon being strib's SoS pick; with the big question whether Perske will get the open seat snub to go with Nolan.

A prediction: Expect Emmer; after Mills III.

strib seems to be holding that CD6 endorsement back. Having weighed in on all the other Congressional districts besides Ellison's and McCollum's safely DFL fiefdoms.

Or have I missed a strib CD6 committment?

One way or the other?

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