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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Oh no, say it ain't so, Joe. Please, please, no.

We Were 'Dead Broke'
Upon Leaving White House

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If the Dems do it, it will turn out the same as back in DFL CD6 times, "Elwyn's turn." And it could be Ted Cruz winning. Please, please no. There is Elizabeth Warren, Maria Cantwell, others, so if it is time for a woman President, choose someone like Cantwell, moderate enough to win, smart enough to have had a business career allowing her to earn a fair share of the American Dream, before entering public service (and exiting so pitifully broke before the sun shined favorably), etc., etc., etc.

Do it right. Do it smart. Stow the Dead Brokers. Don't do it wrong.

Ask yourself, do you really want to hear about Whitewater again? Vince Foster? Missing law firm billings? Mena? Benghazi? Senate super hawk votes for Afghanistan, Iraq? You name it? The incessant sound of $109 million in skeletons rattling all the way to election day. Compare.

Is productively fighting the gender gap with no speech fee more important than $200,000 a pop, as a fee for saying whatever?


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