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Monday, October 27, 2014

Mentioning Jesse Ventura, IP guv candidate Hannah Nicollet gets an editorial published in strib.

This link, this mid-item quote:

On a basic level, the IP represents a government of the people. We believe in transparency, honesty, equal treatment under the law and getting money out of politics. In philosophy, we offer an alternative to the other two major parties. We are “socially tolerant,” meaning we don’t want to run people’s lives and we won’t legislate morality. On the fiscal side, we are “responsible,” meaning balanced budgets, putting needs before wants and not spending money we don’t have.

Minnesota needs to clean house. Though 68 percent of Minnesotans wanted the Vikings stadium “entirely privately funded,” a shady deal was made behind closed doors to fleece Minnesota taxpayers for its construction. When 76 percent of Minnesotans wanted legal medicinal marijuana, our legislators caved to influential special interests and produced the most restrictive and least effective medicinal marijuana law in the nation.

The candidate makes two good points. The stadium cramdown was offensive, the medical mj foot dragging to satisfy the police union which has supported Dayton, is offensive. Nicollet has siezed on two issues which are issues The McFadden seems to regard, together or individually, as third-rail opportunity. Touch it and die seems to be how the handlers are posing The McFadden.

Dayton, fault him on the stadium, fault him on the medical mj approach; but for all that Vin and Norm's pal in the mergers and acquisition business is hardly a sound alternative.

Bottom line: Nicollet is more appealing a candidate than The McFadden. She will be the third place vote getter; that is how things are; but she is a cut or two better than one of the two major party choices.

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