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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

RAMSEY - Work session agenda, today.

This link for the 2015 budget part of the agenda. This pdf has the tentative budget. I did a word search, "franchise" and got no hits. Does that mean the 2015 budget will/will not have franchise fees as a part?

Readers with any good guesses are invited to comment. Especially if my quick methodology of review was inadequate, and franchise fees actually are there in the fine print.

Otherwise, some enjoy number treading, and they are invited to share via email or comments any interesting budget factoids they uncover. Not me. Not my idea of time well spent. Let the Watchdog's minions [taxpayer league chairman's minions] do their thing, and publicize any untoward discoveries. Bless them.

Parting thought: EDA has a separate budget? Sting you twice?

Second parting thought: Do they really need all those pages, and pages, and pages, or is tedium induction among attentive citizens a "strategic goal?"

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