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Friday, July 18, 2014

Microsoft has announced a round of record layoffs, under their new CEO. It is a very hot real estate market in Seattle now, so will it cool?

Announced layoffs? Readers can do a websearch = microsoft layoffs

There are multiple online reports, and some speculation that the firm's current reliance on temp workers instead of full time salaried employees might affect the Seattle job market more than Microsoft is now publicly disclosing.

The real estate market? Detatched small-lot urban homes, low end in size and amenities, what's to say, beyond, this item says a lot.

Pricing there has been bid up, with, presumably, banks sitting on foreclosed inventory and bleeding it out slowly to keep supply beyond demand. How will the layoff ripple alter demand? And will the banks just adjust the trickle to a lesser one, in order to maximize the return on their foreclosure portfolio.

Big bucks from busted dreams? Same as it ever was. It is not the dreamers getting the bucks. Bucks for bankers IS a theme that somehow repeats itself, different times, different places, same story.

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