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Friday, July 04, 2014

"Blogger" is a Google engine used to publish this blog. There is a feature not previously used here, but useful.


"Pages" allows sub-pages beyond the running sequence of posts. See the top of the sidebar. In learning how to use the feature of the Blogger engine, an "About" page was created.

From time to time sidebar polls were used. After a period of time they were deleted from the sidebar as stale content. It would be a project for the future to figure out how to archive sidebar polls using the pages feature, or if not that, some other Blogger tool not noticed before.

If any reader is familiar with ways to archive - to unpublish - sidebar content but to keep it around, in case, a comment or email of a howto nature would be helpful.

Last - atop the sidebar there is "Home" and "About" and while it probably is talking down to people about something that is obvious, if you want to see the About page, toggle it. Then to return to the running commentary "Home" is the toggle for that.

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