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Thursday, July 31, 2014

ECM Publishers endorses Siefert. Making this a post in anticipation of a Residual Forces post that has some probability of being suppressed by a personal epiphany of one prone to express controversial opinions (arguably) to a fault. Human dynamics can be one hell of an interesting thing to anticipate. Surprise is always possible.

This link. RF was checked before pulling the trigger on publishing this post. No reaction there, to the ECM Publishers endorsement action. Whatever happened to the immutable law of action - reaction? Andy, restrained? Cautious? Come on. Get serious.

Sorensen first, to my knowledge, published of the endorsement before ECM posted it generally online. (Her linking to the Argus site led me to post that same link above).

Other candidates in other contests likely are anticipating media endorsement editorials, and strategizing over how to react to adverse news, that way.

There has been party endorsement, now it is getting time for the press endorsements to counter or agree.

On the DFL side, what odds would be demanded by one wanting to bet against Becky Otto, and wanting "fair" odds on Entenza generating a groundswell of media love and support?

17 to 1?

40 to 1?

Name your odds, and I still will bet my dollar three-eighty on the endorsed, non-quixotic incumbent, free of the host of questions attaching across the same-party fence.

That belief was strong enough to have my absentee ballot cast on the Republican ballot column, a crossover effort to ensure as much as one vote can, a higher quality of character among those I likely will not vote for in the general election, but who might nonetheless prevail based on the totality of others' voting.

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