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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ars reports: There is another significant issue raised by the Harris spy devices: security. According to Christopher Soghoian, chief technologist at the ACLU, similar covert surveillance technology is being manufactured by a host of companies in other countries like China and Russia. He believes the US government’s “state secrecy” on the subject is putting Americans at risk. "Our government is sitting on a security flaw that impacts every phone in the country," Soghoian says. "If we don't talk about Stingray-style tools and the flaws that they exploit, we can't defend ourselves against foreign governments and criminals using this equipment, too." Harris touts: Did You Know?Our cyber capability can find relationships in the equivalent of 1000 books/second.

And don't that make you feel good?

Ars, here.

Harris, here.

Snowden did good. By showing an iceberg tip.

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