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Monday, June 02, 2014

The Children's Crusade. AND -- How can you not like a man who can smile, hold no grudge, and move on from a contentious convention? [with UPDATING re The McFadden; re Seifert-related keening, whining, and knashing of teeth]

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Let's see if I understand things. The robot with the ton of money was going to spend the ton in a primary, if needed, so the children behaved, and gave the robot what the robot wanted.


Then, two against one - a gang-up, and the one guy said, "It sucks, go home."

But - that smile.

So engaging and sincere.

And yet now how the children whine. But the vision will persist ...

Children convene, children crusade. photo credit

Omitted link. The second sentence of the first paragraph should read, "The robot with the ton of money was going to spend the ton in a primary, if needed, so the children behaved, and gave the robot what the robot wanted."

__________FURTHER UPDATE___________
How does this Strib stuff grab you?

Brad Herold
McFadden, a politically untested politician and former Lazard Middle Market executive, began Friday's state convention as an underdog [...]

"The organization is something you don’t talk about until it’s over," Brad Herold, McFadden's campaign manager, said Monday morning as his boss took off on a small plane to barnstorm the state with the party's other picks.

McFadden spent much of the first months of his campaign raising money.

“People think raising money is easy, it's not easy,” McFadden said Monday. [It isn't? Just DC your effort, presumably swap something, and cash flow flows, e.g., here, and here; so there.]

But he did it, tapping in to Republican DC power players, business contacts and others. So far he has raised about $2.85 million [... without making major league promises to people avoiding sunshine, you think?]

So, after coming in distant but respectable second place in two Republican straw polls, the team had added a convention strategy to their goals.

“We are going to pursue the endorsement but we are not going to do anything that may potentially jeopardize our general election strategy,” Herold said they decided. “Every decision we made was viewed through that prism.”

The decision was made but the campaign realized it had no expertise in vying for party endorsement. [...] So they studied Minnesota’s recent history and opted to look at Republican gubernatorial convention winner Tom Emmer’s team.

Picking up key staffers and volunteers from that 2010 convention win – including now McFadden political director Kevin Poindexter, and power volunteers Jen Niska and [...]

In recent months, the campaign made more than 50,000 phone calls to the universe of under 7,000 Republican activists who could have ended up in the convention hall. While those calls helped to woo delegates -- and make them realize McFadden was serious about working for their votes -- they also aided in the tricky task of figuring out the delegates plans.

[...] "There were a lot of undecided and soft support and quite frankly unknown support," said Niska.

[...] After that first ballot, [...] McFadden had organization on his side.

It [the campaign staff not the robot alone] had pre-printed a hoard of fliers to distribute to delegates at key moments but also prepared to print fliers on the fly. They figured, with all their printers going, they could print out the needed 2,200 fliers in 20 minutes, said Tom Erickson, McFadden spokesman. Once printed, they could get them to the floor in 43 seconds – when delivered at a sprint.

[...] Picking up more legislators’ support, the campaign was able to quickly distribute a signed letter from the new lawmakers and the existing ones, endorsing McFadden.

Often delegates will pay heed to lawmakers’ endorsements. [...]

After nearly nine hours of voting, with just Dahlberg and McFadden left in the running, the delegates decided to retire for the night. Dahlberg had 54 percent of the vote and McFadden had 44 percent.

[...] The next day, the delegate ranks were refilled with about 700 people who had not come for Friday night’s fun. They hadn’t seen Dahlberg’s presentation and were fresh to the scene. They were greeted by McFadden himself, who shook the hand of every arriving delegate [... with overnight robot "press the flesh" programming code installed and working]

Then came another welcome surprise. Niska, a 6th District activist, had secured a statement from retiring Rep. Michele Bachmann.

“I think we can all agree that Sen. Franken must go. The question is, who had the conservative principles, resources, and organization to accomplish that goal?” Bachmann said in the statement. “It is my belief that Mike McFadden is the candidate that can best bring the fight to Sen. Franken.”

Printed in 20 minutes, rushed to the floor in 43 seconds, the statement was spread throughout the convention hall.

So powerful were the words from Bachmann, long a GOP icon, that a delegate took to a mic to doubt its veracity.

Niska stood up in front of the thousands to declare that she personally had talked to the representative's office. The statement, delivered around the 8th ballot, was real.

On the 9th ballot, McFadden surged to 53 percent.

After the 10th ballot, he was declared the victor.

[linking, bracketed commentary, and emphasis added]

With that GOP inner-inner party peccadillo, dear Ms. Bachmann likely drove out her demons, and can likely rest comfortably assured the ethics inquiry cloud over her head miraculously will go away and she can comfortably keep MichelePAC money and do whatever.

Players in the band. The Florida guy recruits the Emmerites, but Emmer lost, always recall that.

Now, who are the people running the robotics programming besides Norm/Vin/Rove and the DC crowd? In particular, the Florida guy, Ms. Niska? (She lives in Ramsey. Spouse Harry is on Ramsey's Charter Commission and responsible for the Niska Amendment.)

Brad Herold is yet another money-bag's outside agitator. Only difference, a different bag of cash - not Honour's - and The McFadden, unlike Honour, is not, himself, largely an outside agitator too.

First, why call the robot's political consultant/sandbur, Brad Herold, "the Florida guy" if he's here doing robotic-politicking in Minnesota? For starters he lacks a Wikipedia page [i.e., lacks that sunshine].

So, in lieu of Wikipedia serving for a "Who is this guy" bio, LinkedIn says:

click to read, or LinkedIn, here

With that, who's to doubt his Florida bona fides, with all that politicking in the land of palms and Minnesota snow birds?

Next, his last gig before robot programming in the land of 10,000 lakes, is one standing wholly akin to his forging ties to the Emmerites -- his guy lost; see, dead-heat too-close-to-call pre-election poll reporting, here, and then his guy's Wikipedia page, here, indicating a loss (percentagewise) that likely translates to a loss margin greater than Dayton's 7000 vote margin, ahead of Emmer.

Now back to Jen Niska, and her spouse Harry who is on Ramsey's Charter Commission (that civic body that sandbured itself onto the council's franchise fee effort). While much of the regressive-taxation nature of imposing franchise fees bothers me, what bothers me more is that the Charter Commission is overloaded with Republican people who got there during the prior (voted out) council headed by Mayor Bob Ramsey; and their maneuvering is why I anticipate seeing a franchise fee thing on the November ballot.

And I anticipate it being there as much to serve as a GOP GOTV magnet, insinuated that way, as to seek local governmental constraints.

Politicizing alteration of the town charter is something that should be ONLY town related, such as Terry Hendriksen's sewer/water amendment effort history which was nonpartisan; and not something having any appearance of GOP/DFL jockeying for election advantage.

Some may see things differently, but that's why everyone has a vote, (and only one vote - despite the false whining we heard last cycle about voter fraud which is nonexistent in Minnesota and hardly cause to disenfranchise large numbers of people simply because they more likely than not would vote DFL).

As a wrap-up of how McFadden got the Children's Crusaders bundled to trundle his way, who but children could be hoodwinked into loving this approach to gaining loyal and obedient affection:

again, image link, from here

____________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Segue to Seifert. Sorensen, at Bluestem Prairie, here, dissects Marty's win-or-go-home antics; no excerpt, so follow the link. Sorensen links here.

___________FURTHER UPDATE_____________

Bless those tiny crusaders, the Bible their Facebook favorite text.

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