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Sunday, June 15, 2014

RHONDA SIVARAJAH - Have I missed something, a possible offensive theocratic bent, in looking only at fogging a mirror and the lady's appeal in not being the buffoon, Tom Emmer?

Having second thoughts, it is always proper to solicit reader comments about information sources I might consider. I have recently spent a bit of time looking at some Facebook pages [a hateful task since Facebook IS Facebook].

A page or two have been eye openers.

Not changing my mind yet, but keeping it open.

The abandonment of prevailing wage as the Anoka County contracting norm WAS DONE UNDER HER WATCH. An easy inclination was, blame it on Matt Look, but in retrospect, Look only has one vote. A big part of the make-a-change agenda, yes, Look clearly was a voice and a vote. But, with Sivarajah the County Board Chair, what's on her watch ought to be expected to be with her prior knowledge, it is not as if she was sandbagged with the done-deal putsch, as was the case with Jim Kordiak, an outsider to the inner power bloc. Kordiak was sandbagged on that one, very much as David Jeffrey and John Dehen were, on Darren Lazan's firm's hiring when Matt Look was on Ramsey's council and Jungbauer was on the Lazan/Landform payroll. Cause to simply say, "Look again." Yet back then, Look only had one vote, and others with him were part of the sandbagging. His M.O. through both instances; however, then Look was on council, but not Mayor. All of that: parallels and pratfalls: food for thought.

More to publish later. Clearly so.

We are still weeks away from primary voting day.

But further posting likely will be helpful in presenting to readers what Facebook dredging disclosed to me. Things some people posted that to me were unfavorable, even grotesque, but of which they appeared proud.

Bottom line: If I am wrong about something, (with the only way to avoid error being to do nothing), I willingly and promptly try to admit error and correct the record.

So, bottom line: Reader help - have I favored an entrenched theocrat happy with governing by off-the-record cabal? Was I being blinded that way, from dislike of a clown?

I have been accused [by a Republican of course] of not understanding the local Republican power plays and twitchings; and I do admit that from outside it is something like trying to decipher the moves of forty or fifty Byzantine generals, each in alliances aimed at setting emperor succession and empire action; each faction against yet in league with the others; more or less, not either-or; and it surely is not the same as Newtonian physics with reliable rules of observation and inference. About as clear cut as White Visitation comings and goings in Gravity's Rainbow.

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Anonymous said...

Whwt the hell is wrong with getting rid of the prevailing wage? I am a tax payer in anoka co. and damn sick of my money being handed out like its candy.

eric zaetsch said...

Anon - Labor solidarity across the spectrum is how labor - the only way labor can get a fair shake. The air traffic controllers proved that decades ago, with a little help from their friend.

Quick follow-up, is that an issue that will have you favoring Sivarajah in the primary, or will you support Emmer anyway? If you take time to answer, your reasoning would be worth seeing too.

Anonymous said...

Taxes we pay should have nothing to do with with contractor wages..Nothing! It is completely moronic.