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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

RAMSEY - ABC Newspapers reports Council filings.

A comprehensive review of all filings has been posted by Eric Hagen, here.

Regarding City of Ramsey council seats that will be contested this election, Hagen wrote:

In Ramsey, three four-year council member seats are up for grabs.

Wayne Buchholz, Terry Hendriksen, Thomas J. Towberman, and Kristine Williams are seeking the at-large seat currently held by Randy Backous, who decided to not seek re-election after serving one term. This will be only Ramsey race included in the Aug. 12 primary election.

Jill Johns is running unopposed in Ward 1. Johns was elected in July 2013 to fill the remaining year-and-a-half of the four-year term that David Elvig had been elected to, prior to his resignation.

Jason Tossey is not seeking re-election to the Ward 3 council member seat that he has held for one-term. Frank E. Howsmon V and Melody (Hesselgrave) Shryock will face off in the general election for this seat.

So, a primary contest for the at large seat, a general election contest in Ward 3, and an uncontested incumbency continuing in Ward 1.

For info on other races, follow the earlier link. Hagen posted a comprehensive report.

When will yard and highway signs first be appearing? What is the formal open season opening day, for that exercise?


Ryan said...

Tossey isn't running for council again but he's obviously started a different campaign as he's used his seat at the table of the Ramsey City Council to advance his conservative agenda. Unfortunately his rhetoric on spending has become beyond old. Exhibit A was the May 27th council meeting where he bored with meaningless banter regarding grant applications. Was he honestly attacking a $500k grant when he is banging down the door of the state to build a $30M bridge to no where? How an Armstrong overpass became the first project funded on the HWY 10 improvements is beyond comprehension.

Jason Tossey said...

No Ryan, I am not running for anything. Nice try though. What is old is running for office complaining about the previous council member's spending on things government shouldn't spend money on, then getting elected and doing the same damn thing. The 500k grant is to build a pedestrian bridge for bicycles, but you don't think there should be one for vehicles? Sound reasoning right there, I'm sure.

Oh by the way, building vehicle bridges are something government should do. And the reason Armstrong is first, if you ever paid attention, was the FACT that Ramsey does not have one access point to highway 10 where first responders can utilize without circling back from Anoka. But go ahead and try to create an issue with spending those dollars when Ramsey Fire or Ramsey PD have to get to a baby not breathing call south of Highway 10, but cannot because of two mile long trains cutting off their access.

I suppose my 15 years as a law enforcement officer gives me a different perspective on the urgency of time with a call like that. But don't get me wrong, being the main commenter on a local blog is important too.

Good luck!

Randy Backous said...


I appreciate Jason's take on the various issues as much as I do those of any other Councilmember. I don't always agree with him but he definitely makes me think and on more than a few occasions has swayed my opinion. What I admire about this Council as opposed to my first two years is that everyone shows up with an open mind, there are no deals or decisions made behind closed doors and you see the debate as it happens. Furthermore, we treat each other with respect.

I admire Jason's bravery to boldly state his views without apology. That is his duty. It's not an easy duty to put your neck out in front of hundreds of people in a live forum; one that is replayed over and over to thousands of households at all hours of the day. It's certainly not as easy as sitting at a keyboard and editing.

I can respect the fact that you're frustrated about something(s) this council has done. The best thing to do with that anger and frustration is to move away from your keyboard and make a real attempt at doing something about it.

Until you do that, you're entitled to question the integrity of those who have stepped up to the plate and you're entitled to your opinions and to your words but - no offense intended - they don't contribute anything to our society.