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Monday, January 06, 2014

Mr. McF. Please help me navigate your campaign webpage. I cannot find the part about issues and policies.

This link.

Is it reflecting disdain for an electorate, a cards close to vest view toward a primary, or is there a demon at play?

Not from McFadden site. From here.

In contrast, a site that tells you all you need to know. Not the hollow, insultingly empty words, but at the bottom, "POWERED BY PUSH DIGITAL."

Who? This homepage; this link, this screenshot:

Scott Walker. Wisconsin Republican Party. Okay, quite an informative website.

__________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Do YOU want Karl Rove and Norm Coleman and slush-fund cash to buy elections in Minnesota? History is setting up to repeat itself money-wise. It will be happening, so be sure to inform yourself and then to vote. Do learn as much as you can about who befreinds who, with slush fund cash, donor lists, negative ad attacks on opposition, all that scuzzy stuff that surfaces from scuzzy directions (e.g., Karl Rove, Norm). Remember -

PUSH DIGITAL cronies want to preempt your mind. Resist or regret.

___________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Scott Howell, proud protege of Lee Atwater and Karl Rove. On the Honour roll. Along with Wesley Donehue, CEO of Push Data, who represents another South Carolina carpetbag for the California investment man, Mr. Honour; of 10877 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90024.

While Sally Jo Sorensen deserves full credit for earlier having noted the South Carolinian flavor to hirlings of Mr. Honour, there's virtue in reemphasis.

In fairness, Donehue does appear talented; i.e., if you can raise money for Todd Akin could you raise the Titanic or make a silk purse out of Scott Honour? Honour must think so, and probably is paying real dollars for manufactured grace; much as Sorensen has noted the M.O. in the madness:

Will Push Digital supply these services for Brand Management and Social Media? From the Push Digital website:

In many cases, people are already talking about you. Some comments are positive, while others are negative. Using new search tools, we monitor websites and social networks for activity about you. We leave blog comments, tweets and Facebook messages to respond. If the messages are positive, we begin a dialogue with the user in an attempt to recruit him/her as an activist. If the messages are negative, we push back with the truth [sic].

In short, paid trolls.

Outsourcing the Honour troll ops to South Carolina isn't the smartest move.

I like the term "trifecta" and have used it before. Honour's trifecta beyond Donehue and Howell includes Enron Shortridge, a Mark Kennedy protege who at least like Honour was born in Minnesota, (but without seeking fortune in L.A). What a bunch. Their grassroots look withered.

How about Marty Siefert these days? Jim Abeler? Lifetime Minnesotans as well as Republicans. Just saying ...

That McFadden, he sure is a blank page.

____________FURTHER UPDATE_____________
More issues and policies emptiness? Where else than here:

Empty candidacy, entitlement based - dad's money, grandad's?

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