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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

RAMSEY - I did think it was tasteless for the young woman in citizens' input at this evening's council meeting to take advantage of QCTV's meeting broadcast to do her politicking.

Hence I had follow-up citizen's input of my own. And, hey, I live in Ramsey rather than Anoka, which makes me a citizen of the town. Next thing you know, some clown will be advertising business services and opportunities, as "citizen's input." Aluminum Siding. Something like that.

The process was abused. Justin Boals, the lady's primary opponent this summer, did not do that. Peter Perovich the DFL candidate was at the meeting (as he frequently attends), but did not do that. Both had more class. It was an amateur move, standing there saying, "I am amateur."


Randy Backous said...

I disagree Eric. I welcome anyone running for office at any level - City, State, School Board, Utility - to go before the people to introduce themselves as long as they don't use it regularly as a political forum. The Mayor has discretion to allow what she will. Many others have done this; Abigail isn't the first so I'm puzzled by your reaction.

Let's face it, anyone who steps up to the podium is politicking. She was just introducing herself. Not tasteless at all. Not a big deal.

eric zaetsch said...

Randy, I will have to think it over. It was a spur of the moment, this does not feel right impression. I respect your thinking and, as noted, will think about it.

Earlier I misheard you about running again, thinking you were saying you would, and I reacted positively to that understanding. I think several people were confused about that.

When you are off council, I likely will not be seeing you, so best of everything in your day job and in life.