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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

We have not reached Brunhilde's final aria.

Not quite how Yogi said it, but will the robot be programmed by handlers to simulate an actual into-issues human face-to-face debate with Abeler? Or will the robot be clammed up for the primary with TV mud slinging against Franken being all the handlers allow?

This Strib link, Abeler is going to a primary; this screen capture from the Abeler for Senate website, here:

Palin's choice, Ortman, got the Tea Party Express endorsement, not Abeler. This was reported per a press release online here, published May 30, 2014, i.e., going into the GOP convention.

Can any reader in a commment indicate whether Ortman has or has not officially used the grace period to withdraw her candidacy? Is she still straddling a fence, with Tea Bags being thrown her way saying in cramped hand lettering, STAY IN, STAY IN, STAY IN? She has that option up until she formally withdraws, and if missing that deadline, she is on the primary ballot regardless. Brunhilde is backstage now, still practicing, warming her voice.

1:55 PM Wednesday, June 04, 2014 -- Ortman's name has been stricken from the official SoS site, as is the case with Krinkie, in CD6. Quietly withdrawn, as she was reported to be contemplating in past days' news.

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