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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Well I made it to Ramsey's fall recycling day. But I missed the big auction.

DNR, yesterday. Here, here and here.

That Brainerd Dispatch item, with the photos, big turnout then, and expected for yesterday?

You do understand, readers, that the DNR catalogs serial numbers before the sale, and then they take personal information, your name, address, phone number - all that. And they keep records. They maintain databases. They are there when NSA, FBI and other initialed operations show up with secret court subpoenas. Or never mind the "probable cause" court part. You do understand?

Where then, are the NRA voices when needed? Busy touting handgun ownership, willy-nilly along our open borders, while our own basic freedoms and treasured Second Amendment rights might be under threat from government operatives at multiple levels of oversight. Shameful, that's what it is. We need more from those folks than their orange cards in the mail whenever there's an election for dog catcher or higher office. We need them and they fall silent.

Fast and Furious? For all we know from the Brainerd Dispatch photos, the DNR might have had a room full of cartel frontmen [there appears that gender bias - no frontwomen], and not a roomful of true Minnesota outdoorspersons. It could be shameful, that way too. Just look at some of those faces ...

Beware of pheasants holding cameras ...

Pancake breakfast pancakes - with microchips ...

Do you know who Martin Zellar really is in his day job? And what about the Hardaways?

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