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Saturday, September 28, 2013

RAMSEY - FALL RECYCLING DAY - Compliments to the City's Public Works Department.

There was a fall recycle day lineup at 8:00 am. Signs were in place to facilitate lining up to wait.

KEY POINT: Public Works was well organized, well staffed for the project, and courteous and helpful.

They moved people through as efficiently as I can imagine possible. They had payment arrangements optimized.

Now, outside it is raining. A cold rain and those poor guys are out in it.

They deserve nothing but praise.

SO FOLKS: If you read this during the Sept. 28 pre-noon timeframe, and were thinking of procrastinating to do the recycling until noon [their closing time], please get moving now and don't stick them with a long line of cars at the end of their 8:00 am to noon recycling workday. Be nice, be prompt.

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