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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

RAMSEY - Is the Flaherty rental as crowded as the commuter rail platform?

This Strib photo. This accompanying report. Flatherty's thing in the pic background, with its big rent-now banner atop the thing.

Is Ramsey's payment schedule from Flaherty being met? Can any reader knowing the answer post it, in a comment?

Strib's report stated:

Some of the most notable recent developments on the railway to Minneapolis are in Fridley, Big Lake, Elk River and Ramsey, where the newest $13 million station opened last November.

The Ramsey station is connected to a 230-unit upscale apartment complex that is more than half open. Residents can walk under cover through an attached parking ramp and skyway to the station in the city’s developing downtown, nicknamed COR.

Also under construction is a 50-townhome affordable housing project about half a mile north of the station, said Tim Gladhill, development services manager for Ramsey.

Dave and Donna Heinrich are among about 30 tenants who have leased apartments in Residence at the COR. The empty-nesters decided to jettison snow shoveling and mowing as they downsized from a four-bedroom home in Ramsey. Their one-bedroom apartment is close to their church and Donna’s job. And by rail, they can conveniently travel to Twins games at Target Field, the airport and the Mall of America, Heinrich said. He said the apartment managers gave them a $50 credit on a Go Card to ride the Northstar.

“We thought we can hop the train and go downtown. My wife wants to go to Ikea and the Mall of America,” said Heinrich, 59, who has retired from his Realtor’s job. He said he plans to ride the train to the Fridley station, not far from Redeemer Church, where he has a part-time internship while pursuing a master’s degree.

The Northstar plays a significant role in city development, especially the two new housing projects, said Ramsey Mayor Sarah Strommen. “Having a transportion option for people who are commuting is really important.”

A transportation option for both those kids on the platform.

There are the many, many we have to thank for Ramsey Town Center having turned out as it is. Half-full, the Strib report says, about the Flaherty thing. And there's the Heinrich Maneuver, to rent from Flaherty, to get to Church, to shop Mall of America, to avoid choking. Keep it in mind.

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