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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

RAMSEY - As with most things the town does, cost and utilization statistics would be interesting to see.

Free bike rental. Exercise is good. Ben approves, despite his mobility problems.

However, this has the odor of Ramsey Town Center promotion [as well as Flaherty favors] fitting to the last "rebranding" council before this one [did I say, "Flaherty favors?" should I say "Darren Rebrand?"].

So, this page, who/how many use it, etc.

I realize the same thing can be said of the parks, and when the ball diamonds are in use at Alpine Park the parking lot is full and that's serving a public with one kind of park, while natural conservancy and habitat maintenance is another kind, and multiple uses of parks in a community is a good public benefit situation.

That said, is there much going for the bike usage?

Perhaps not enough people know of the program. In that case:

Here is the story. If of value to you, go for it, and enjoy.

Perhaps the city might provide pony rides for kids. Kids like ponies. Great idea, eh?

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