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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sayings of the Chairman.

THE CHAIRMAN. You know, this chairman --

THE CHAIRMAN has written:

For decades, the Good Ol' Boys engaged in narcissistic self-aggrandizement by pursuing legacy projects that meant little in terms moving the county forward and creating prosperity for all.

Enabled by stooge commissioners who lacked the back bone to challenge them, Good Ol' Boys like Dan Erhart enjoyed dinners with lobbyists at restaurants average citizens could never afford while taking taxpayer-financed junkets to places most county taxpayers will never see.

We now have a commuter rail line that sucks in massive operating subsidies while attracting little more than yet another tranche of "affordable" rental housing that does nothing to enhance the tax base, prosperity, or the county's image.

Another boondoggle in the news is that casino in Columbus that masquerades as a horse track.

Running Aces has provided nothing more than financial problems, low paying service jobs, and more image problems for the county.

What business would be attracted to the county by a struggling race track with dubious ties to former regulators?

What middle class family wants to make a proactive decision to move to Anoka County because of an abundance of subsidized rental housing?

History will no doubt show that this board will bring good jobs, prosperity, and an enhanced image to Anoka County through conservative governance.

That Good Ol' CHAIRMAN, that we all know so well. How he goes on. Sympathy for those low earners tasked to muck the stables at Running Aces Harness Park. Of course, history has yet to vote, a bit of a complication despite crystal-balling by our best and brightest.

And dislike of "an abundance of subsidized rental housing?" Can you imagine, a restrained but steadfast CHAIRMANESQUE distaste toward Flaherty? (Perhaps even toward Collins. Perhaps even toward those former Ramsey council members who lavished out the rental housing subsidies.)

However, there is this:

Did I spell Darren wrongly? Lazan? Or is the good ol' hounddog just blind in one eye while not seeing well out the other? Or, ... can one not say "CHAIRMAN" without in the same breath saying, "Republican?"

It is hard for lesser mortals to discern the ways of the CHAIRMAN.

What is that term Mike Hatch allegedly used, in Duluth, that one time, years ago?

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