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Friday, September 27, 2013

Earlier Crabgrass noted we are in the midst of Banned Book Week.

Earlier Crabgrass had this post. Now, regarding book banning will of a few in our county, this Strib link. Is it a misperception that our beloved Anoka County has an inordinate proportion of rambling raving idiots? Worse, they are parents, progenitors of the next generation of, what, other than successor idiots.

A bigger question in my mind, is paying four grand to bring in a speaker a wise use of scarce funds? Libraries generally are tasked with assembling and managing books and related items, for users. This is four grand spent outside of that mandate.

Creationist stupidy abounds and astounds; in New Ulm, this link. And, here. Follow the links.

It staggers the imagination that Michele Bachmann is NOT alone that way, that dumb creationism has a following beyond her, Marcus, and the family.

WOW! Where is Sinclair Lewis, when you need him because Elmer Gantry was inadequately appreciated.

Local links, City Pages, and Bluestem Prairie. Amazingly, the New Ulm actors studio effort back in August slipped Peter Pan by that bunch. Someone must have noticed Peter Pan and thought about insidious erosion of the underpinnings of everything American and treasured by stories of magic and dreams, and said, "Never Again! Eternal vigilance ...".

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