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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Lucky thing about that new pipeline approval from Trump, it won't be a leaker.

RT, showing concern over leakers.

Where is Alex Jones when you need something cogently explained and bolstered with unimpeachable evidence? Yo. Alex. You there?

UPDATE: Curiously, the Republicans have in their ranks ones knowing all about leaks, but they are withholding them from the discussion.

FURTHER: This link. And this.

You have to agree with the people who know best, when there exists near-universal consensus. Otherwise, what, believe Brietbart since they avoid all complications and inconclusive nuance in giving out their understandings. The plain vanilla version, Brietbart delivers.

Levin said, “Well, a pleasure to be here. The evidence is overwhelming. This is not about President Trump’s tweeting. This is about the Obama administration spying, and the question is not whether it spied. [...]

Levin then read several news articles about the surveillance.

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