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Sunday, March 12, 2017

In Kentucky they should be calling it Pencecare.

A websearch. And calling it Ryancare, or Pencecare, is there greater insult either way? One or the other calls it Meanville. The -care part, with either lead name makes it a joke. Europe must think of it as Idiotcare. Europe has discovered what Canada has discovered. Rein in the profiteers. Remember, Hemsley at United Health is not an MD. His background was as a bean counter, moving up the ranks as he counted more and more beans for the top executive class there. Lots of beans for Stephen.

How about calling it Hemsleycare, since he cares more about himself than citizen health:

image from this site

And from the same site as the image, convening Dems and their "Don'tcare."

The two party system serves the nation well, yes/no?

Brietbart. Yes, that site. So who besides lobbyists for and members of the health-industrial is pushing the buttons of Pence and Ryan? Ponder that over your cup of Breitbart Tea.

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