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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Davos Joe loves his butler. It's part of his World Order.

Davos Joe oils on:

Today, I'd like to speak to the sources of those pressures, and about why it is imperative that we act urgently to defend the liberal international order. Here in this exclusive [Davos] Alpine tower, where CEOs of multinational corporations rub elbows with leaders of nations, it is easy to embrace the intellectual benefits of a more open and integrated world.

It's not all he said, but enough. For platitudes, you have the link. Early on he defined who matters, to Joe.

The butler? Who else?

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Another oldster corporatist "safe" establishment Dem, with ambitions needs a good and loyal butler to do what butlers do as their job. What they're told.

If you've not figured out it's about CEOs of multinational corporations rubbing elbows with leaders of nations to perpetuate the neoliberal world order, take a seat in back. Ellison was used; and when things cooled, spoke his mind.

This item names names. There ought to be a slew of primary challenges in 2018 Demo land; the more the merrier; so progressives that gave to Bernie and to Tim Canova should not stop now. Keep an eye on who Justice Democrats and Our Revolution favor, and participate when it matters most; i.e., in the Dem primary challenges, progressives against stooges of the status quo. Progressives against lobbying and buying politicians and media bias; against Citizens United, in short, against Podesta-land and the cronies inhabiting/infesting it.

Unite. You have nothing to lose but your Davos dons.

This link

UPDATE: Tune time. This video.

FURTHER UPDATE: What's your guess Don Joseph would have been saying without reading the teleprompters in his Davos-2017 presentation? Once, more than twice, he stammered in misreading.

Laying it on with a trowel does not make it so: Let's go have us a new whopping Cold War; it's good for unity among - us. Disarming discontent by having us a fine ol' straw scarecrow Ruskie boogie man. Y'all hear?

How's Libya doin'? Don't need no drone flights there. Nope. We fixed it during my eight years of neoliberal world ordering.

FURTHER UPDATE: "Us" is the us here at Davos. In case anyone had that question.

FURTHER UPDATE: Aside from sabre-rattling politicians reminding Europe who's boss of the biggest army; what Davos is all about. All you need is money to be a part of innovative new, better ways you can make a payment. Banks rock. Davos says so.

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